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Lamiri Harissa is a family run business, with roots in the heart of Tunisia.



Launched in 2021, we are on a mission to bring people together to celebrate our country’s rich cuisine and culture.


We specialise in making the most authentic harissa imported straight from Tunis. It’s real harissa made the way it should be. Using only the best baklouti chillies, dried in traditional log ovens, bringing a rich, smokey depth.


Harissa recipes vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, as well as by country and ethnicity, but it all started in Tunisia.  Every family makes their own, small batch and just the way they like it. It’s a tradition that brings the family together and ties you to your regional roots.


 With Berber origins, our Lamiri family recipe is no different - passed down through generations of Lamiris until we decided to share it. We still source all of our ingredients from local farmers and use the same traditional methods when making each batch - creating the most authentic Tunisian harissa, which embodies the years of history and culture that created it.

It sounds personal because it is. We draw on our heritage and identity to share with you Tunisia’s national condiment. We hope you love it as much as we do.



Harissa is now recognised by UNESCO as a Tunisian product, meaning regional provenance matters and real harissa must come from the source. 


We're on a mission to bring harissa back to its roots and immerse UK consumers in the country and communities that created it. We don't just sell harissa, we connect you to culture.

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